How many times a day do you check your social channels? Think about it. And then ask yourself why? We like to know things. Social media inherently fulfills this want and need. So, for most, myself included, it’s become a reflex. I sit down with my coffee. I’m on Facebook. I’m waiting for the bus. I’m on Instagram. Break at work. Twitter. Lunch. Pinterest – or any such derivative. I want information. Sports. News. Family. Friends. Trends. I want it all. And even if there are more reliable or specific avenues through which I can find this information, I know my social channels are a portal to these sources. That’s where I start.

So, that begs the question – when you’re casually coasting through your newsfeed, what grabs your attention? What makes you do the “scroll-back,” so to speak? Captivating imagery. VISUAL CONTENT. Whether it’s an interesting photo, slideshow, or video, visual content draws people in. It’s great to have bold headlines and brilliant copy, but your visual content is what creates your opportunity.

Take me at my word, or test the theory yourself. Open Facebook with the sole intention of seeing what’s going on that day, begin scrolling, and see what makes you stop and read on.

To appeal to one’s senses digitally, your options are limited. They can’t taste your content. They can’t touch your content. They can’t smell your content. So, that leaves us with sight and hearing. When you eliminate certain senses, is it true the others are heightened? Perhaps. I’m not a doctor. But I do know what grabs my attention and appeals to my senses of sight and hearing. And that’s interesting visuals.

If I see an image that interests me, I’m definitely more likely to explore the content accompanying that image. Aren’t you? And videos are great – especially if you know how to embed them on your social channels to play automatically as a user is scrolling past. This is “scroll-back” territory – an impulse that says, “what was that?” Whatever you can do to make your content as accessible as possible, do it.

We’re curious by nature. Pique that curiosity, and stimulate your audience. They want information, and everybody is trying to give it to them. So, what are you going to do to separate yourself?

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