It’s Friday… so what?

Friday is a doorway to refuge, for most. You’ve made it through another work week, and now you have 2 days to decompress and mentally prepare yourself for another work week. Sound like fun?

You may not relate. But for some, this becomes a vicious cycle. I think it’s time we take our lives back – back to a time when things were simple. A time when we actually had time to do the things that made us happy.

I know. I sound crazy.

Here’s the situation. As far as we know, we get one life. And in the interest of avoiding an existential tangent, as we come full circle, let’s suffice to say this will tie into your business.

So, how do we go about “taking our lives back?” My hyperbole is meant to shed some on the importance of self-care.  In my experience, it can be difficult to prevent my personal life from affecting my professional life. That’s not to say we, as professionals, cannot keep our emotions in check. My point is simply this – if we take care of ourselves, when presented with challenges, it becomes easier to deal and keeping it moving.

Time-blocking is all the rage right now. I say this facetiously to articulate that this is not a new concept. But it’s important, so I guess it’s trending. What I’d like for you to think about is this – if you are time-blocking, are you specifically blocking personal time?  And by specific, I can tell you what I don’t mean. We’re not marking our calendars with “FUN” or “PERSONAL TIME.” We’re actually blocking off specific times for specific events.

12:00pm – 1:00pm    Meet wifey for lunch (or whatever the kids these day say)

1:00pm – 4:00pm    LEAD GENERATION

4:30pm – 7:00pm    Tommy’s baseball game

9:00pm – 10:00pm    Meditation (also known as Listening to music)

This may seem futile, but I assure you, it can make a difference. Accountability is key. And if it’s not on the calendar… IT DOESN’T EXIST. I think that’s a saying. By blocking personal time, we enable ourselves to flow more seamlessly between personal and professional, work and home, clients and family.

Suddenly, Monday doesn’t seem so daunting. Fridays still, and always will feel like Fridays. But now, we can appreciate the weekend as a means to run toward our personal time as opposed to away from work. Perhaps this causes semantic confusion, but there is a difference. You just have to feel it for yourself.

So, let’s take back our lives! Let’s take care of ourselves!

If you run your own business, the responsibility is never-ending. However, a good manager knows to how to prioritize and delegate accordingly. When coupled with effective time-blocking, this skill becomes invaluable.

Take a step back, and assess your situation. If this truly is the only life you’ll have the privilege of living, how are you spending your time?

Until next time…

Joe Orminski, Lead Strategist | J.O. Marketing Solutions | 831.309.4120 

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