Personal vs. Personable: Building A Brand That Suits You

Making connections. What that looks like today is significantly different since the advent of Social Media. Today, you can build a network without leaving your house. But what fun is that? More fun for some than others. But through whichever lens you choose to view it, the impact of Social channels is undeniable.

A brand creates a lasting impression on consumers. And in today’s day and age, you can make an impression through impressions. Of course, I’m referring to impressions as it relates to online marketing. An impression occurs when an ad is fetched, meaning it’s countable. So then the question becomes: what impression are you making online?

You are a representative of your business all the time. Keep this in mind when transmitting information on social channels. It’s also important to distinguish personal and business matters in this regard. Having dedicated business accounts or pages, separate from your personal social media accounts, is a good place to start. Naturally, you are attached to your business, but your personal account doesn’t have to be. I’m not saying to refrain from posting about your business on your personal page, but do so in a tasteful manner.

Personal accounts are for personal manners – family, friends, news, trends, hobbies and interests. Business accounts are for just that – an arena in which you can showcase some salesmanship with full disclosure. Hence, my witty title: Personal vs. Personable. Personal accounts is the personal element. Your individuality. And business accounts are more personable. Your brand.

On Facebook, you can create a “Business Page,” devoted solely to your business and your brand. On channels like Twitter and Instagram you can create business accounts, displaying a username indicating your business or showcasing your brand.

Once you’ve established your online presence with your business accounts, it’s a matter of direction. What is your goal? Are looking to drive more traffic to your website? Generate leads? Create brand awareness and promote your business? Now it’s time to discuss ad campaigns… in my next installment.

Until then…

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