You’re not bothering your friends.

You are not bothering your friends with your “Business” posts on social media. Worst case, they get tired of seeing your content and scroll right past. Or they may even unfollow or block your future posts. Oh, no. What should you do?

Solution A.

Stop posting about your business. Nobody cares. Or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself somewhere along your chain of thought. If you believe in what you do, believe you provide  value your friends, family, and people they may know need. Besides, your real friends will support your endeavors and do what they can to help, regardless of how many of your posts invade their timeline.

Solution B.

Work with a professional who can walk you through these issues. There are plenty of ways to ease your concern of bombarding your friends on Social Media with “business talk.” In fact, if you’d like, you don’t have to bother them all. Did you know when advertising on social channels, you can exclude your friends or people who have already liked or followed your page, as to just target a new audience? Just one solution.

Solution C.

Delete your social media accounts. It’s not worth it the time and effort. If you’re a
Solution C type of person, please see Solution B. It’s worth the time and money. But it doesn’t have to be your time. You can even make more money with your extra time.

Marketing & advertising on social media channels isn’t the future. It’s right now. It’s not all billboards and print ads anymore. Think more TV commercial. Or modern radio. Build a presence. Create an audience. Be seen to be heard.

Until next time…

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