Make Social Media work for you.

Our Social Media services include Management, Marketing & Advertising. We can build accounts dedicated to your business. We can create captivating content to engage your target audience. We can develop unique ad campaigns to drive traffic to your site and generate more leads. Reach people where they’re already looking.

Effective marketing is convenient. When reaching out to your target audience, you want to create a path to your product or service with minimal steps. Along the path, we look to either pose a question, present a problem, or simply offer educational and inspiring content. Then we offer answers, solutions, and a ‘Call to action’ respectively.

It’s always important to keep this path in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Let’s use email marketing as an example. You need a catchy subject line, because you’re competing with a lot of emails. The average office worker receive approximately 120 emails per day – the click-through rate average is about 3%. I’m not a Statistician, but that’s not great math. With that being said, it is critical to convey your message clearly and efficiently  within the body of the email. Or you can be vague and hope that you’re 1 of the 4 emails the average worker will actually click through.

If I were a gambling man, I’d be willing to bet that AT LEAST 1 of those 4 click-throughs is some form of Social Media notification – friend request, comment on a post, somebody’s birthday, pictures of your best friend’s newborn (or puppy). Email aside, people are on Social Media ALL THE TIME. I know this, because I’m on Social Media ALL THE TIME. My mom is on Social Media ALL THE TIME. My girlfriend’s 93-year old Grandmother is on Social Media ALL THE TIME. 

News, sports, comedy, videos, voice-changing filters, families, friends, co-workers, music, movies, and the list goes on. Everything is available to us on Social Media – with different platforms catering to different interests and needs. Twitter is the news platform. LinkedIn is the professional platform. Instagram, the photo platform. YouTube, the video platform. You get the idea.

As the ways in which we receive our news, the ways we socialize, the ways we keep in touch with friends & family have evolved, so has marketing and advertising. Large corporations spend millions of dollars a month to ensure that if you search for their products or services, they will undoubtedly, and sometimes relentlessly, follow you around your digital playground. You must have noticed that after you shop for something online, whatever you were looking to purchase or actually purchased begins popping up EVERYWHERE – facebook newsfeed, right-hand column ads on facebook and your google searches, promoted tweets and pins. We are consumers, and our digital imprints are inescapable as such. So why not capitalize as business owners?

At J.O. Marketing Solutions, we’ll design a unique, educational, and inspiring campaign on one or several Social Media platforms, and we’ll bake re-targeting right in! So, essentially, if somebody clicks on the ad we’re using to drive traffic to your website, it would not be a coincidence for your ads to continuously repopulate on that somebody’s Social Media feeds. We’re no longer taking shots in the dark, here. Let there be light!

Interested? For more information, visit Leave us your contact information to set up a brief introductory consultation, so we can effectively evaluate your products and/or services and develop an intelligent approach to targeting your ideal audience.

Until next time…

Joe Orminski, Owner | Lead Strategist | J.O. Marketing Solutions | 831.309.4120

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