You’re not bothering your friends.

You are not bothering your friends with your “Business” posts on social media. Worst case, they get tired of seeing your content and scroll right past. Or they may even unfollow or block your future posts. Oh, no. What should you do?

Solution A.

Stop posting about your business. Nobody cares. Or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself somewhere along your chain of thought. If you believe in what you do, believe you provide  value your friends, family, and people they may know need. Besides, your real friends will support your endeavors and do what they can to help, regardless of how many of your posts invade their timeline.

Solution B.

Work with a professional who can walk you through these issues. There are plenty of ways to ease your concern of bombarding your friends on Social Media with “business talk.” In fact, if you’d like, you don’t have to bother them all. Did you know when advertising on social channels, you can exclude your friends or people who have already liked or followed your page, as to just target a new audience? Just one solution.

Solution C.

Delete your social media accounts. It’s not worth it the time and effort. If you’re a
Solution C type of person, please see Solution B. It’s worth the time and money. But it doesn’t have to be your time. You can even make more money with your extra time.

Marketing & advertising on social media channels isn’t the future. It’s right now. It’s not all billboards and print ads anymore. Think more TV commercial. Or modern radio. Build a presence. Create an audience. Be seen to be heard.

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If you’re in the Sales industry in any capacity, you understand Lead Generation is the most important producing activity. Blocking time each and every day to generate leads is critical to ensure your pipeline is consistently growing. How you spend this time is a matter of proper research and analysis. It’s great to throw several lines in the water, but it’s essential to measure which of these lines are biting most frequently, and which provide the best rate of conversion.

Aside from nurturing your database and managing your referral network, let’s focus on digital channels that can serve as automated lead generation tools that you can develop to build your online presence and gather information from prospective clients.


Your website is where the magic happens. This is the place where your audience needs to convert. Whether it is encouraging prospective buyers to sign up for your newsletter or fill out a form for a demo, the key is to optimize your website for converting browsers into actual leads.  Pay attention to forms, Calls-to-Action (CTA), layout, design, and content.


Your blog is a fantastic place to create trust with your buyers. Readers can stumble upon your blog from all over the web, so you want to make sure it is search-engine optimized. Remember that someone reading the blog may not want to immediately sign up for more information, so highlight the Calls-to-Action that ask your reader to subscribe to the blog or to follow you on social channels. A well laid out blog will keep your readers interested, coming back for more, and hopefully curious enough to start looking at the rest of your site. Keep your readership up and position your blog as a gateway to conversion.

Social Media

The increasing popularity of social channels has directly attributed to information abundance. Through social networks, buyers have been able to research and learn about products and services through influencers and peers.  Additionally, a profound shift has taken place within social media channels. Although social media is still important for branding and generating buzz, lead generation is becoming more and more important. By tapping into all the social media channels, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Google+, you can be where your customers are and create that trust.

Interested in learning how you can optimize your online presence to engage new audiences and establish yourself as an industry expert? For more information, visit Leave us your contact information to set up a brief introductory consultation, so we can effectively evaluate your products and/or services and develop an intelligent approach to targeting your ideal audience.

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Joe Orminski, Owner | Lead Strategist | J.O. Marketing Solutions | 831.309.4120

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Make Social Media work for you.

Our Social Media services include Management, Marketing & Advertising. We can build accounts dedicated to your business. We can create captivating content to engage your target audience. We can develop unique ad campaigns to drive traffic to your site and generate more leads. Reach people where they’re already looking.

Effective marketing is convenient. When reaching out to your target audience, you want to create a path to your product or service with minimal steps. Along the path, we look to either pose a question, present a problem, or simply offer educational and inspiring content. Then we offer answers, solutions, and a ‘Call to action’ respectively.

It’s always important to keep this path in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Let’s use email marketing as an example. You need a catchy subject line, because you’re competing with a lot of emails. The average office worker receive approximately 120 emails per day – the click-through rate average is about 3%. I’m not a Statistician, but that’s not great math. With that being said, it is critical to convey your message clearly and efficiently  within the body of the email. Or you can be vague and hope that you’re 1 of the 4 emails the average worker will actually click through.

If I were a gambling man, I’d be willing to bet that AT LEAST 1 of those 4 click-throughs is some form of Social Media notification – friend request, comment on a post, somebody’s birthday, pictures of your best friend’s newborn (or puppy). Email aside, people are on Social Media ALL THE TIME. I know this, because I’m on Social Media ALL THE TIME. My mom is on Social Media ALL THE TIME. My girlfriend’s 93-year old Grandmother is on Social Media ALL THE TIME. 

News, sports, comedy, videos, voice-changing filters, families, friends, co-workers, music, movies, and the list goes on. Everything is available to us on Social Media – with different platforms catering to different interests and needs. Twitter is the news platform. LinkedIn is the professional platform. Instagram, the photo platform. YouTube, the video platform. You get the idea.

As the ways in which we receive our news, the ways we socialize, the ways we keep in touch with friends & family have evolved, so has marketing and advertising. Large corporations spend millions of dollars a month to ensure that if you search for their products or services, they will undoubtedly, and sometimes relentlessly, follow you around your digital playground. You must have noticed that after you shop for something online, whatever you were looking to purchase or actually purchased begins popping up EVERYWHERE – facebook newsfeed, right-hand column ads on facebook and your google searches, promoted tweets and pins. We are consumers, and our digital imprints are inescapable as such. So why not capitalize as business owners?

At J.O. Marketing Solutions, we’ll design a unique, educational, and inspiring campaign on one or several Social Media platforms, and we’ll bake re-targeting right in! So, essentially, if somebody clicks on the ad we’re using to drive traffic to your website, it would not be a coincidence for your ads to continuously repopulate on that somebody’s Social Media feeds. We’re no longer taking shots in the dark, here. Let there be light!

Interested? For more information, visit Leave us your contact information to set up a brief introductory consultation, so we can effectively evaluate your products and/or services and develop an intelligent approach to targeting your ideal audience.

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Joe Orminski, Owner | Lead Strategist | J.O. Marketing Solutions | 831.309.4120

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We are J.O. Marketing Solutions. We specialize in Modern Marketing & Social Media Solutions for startups, small businesses, and independent contractors. We believe in building relationships with our clients through personal connections and elite service. We offer boutique service, in that we personally go out to meet with both current and prospective clients in person to ensure we deliver the best quality of service we know they deserve. We don’t believe in the never-ending email conversation. And we don’t have HOLD MUSIC. When you call us, you will speak with a person – and it’ll most likely be me, Owner | LEAD Strategist, Joe Orminski. And here is the number you will use to call – 831.309.4120.

We pride ourselves on sustaining relationships by delivering the highest level of service we can offer, and we do so by way of one simple technique – LISTENING. Sure, I have a lot of great ideas as to how we can grow your business, generate more leads, and build your online presence. But I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to marketing. So, I listen before making recommendations. Sure we have proven methods behind our madness, but I want to understand your vision before bombarding you with what I think is best for your company. That’s how we operate at J.O. Marketing Solutions. LISTEN. LEARN. STRATEGIZE. EXECUTE.

In order for us to deliver an elite level of service, we need to stay in touch with our clients. And thus, referrals are very important to us. We choose to spend our time forging mutually beneficial relationships, as opposed to cold-calling and cold-marketing, which can quickly consume 80% of our business hours. This leaves us with a mere 20% of our time to dedicate to those with whom we’re already in business. We don’t like those statistics. And this is an average among professionals across the Sales industry. That doesn’t work for us. So, how do we turn those number around? We lean on our clients for referrals. We believe in the services we provide, and our clients do too. So as we cultivate our relationships with our clients, we are constantly checking in with them to see if they’re satisfied with the level of service they’re receiving. This allows us to open a referral dialogue.

Throughout the entire process, from consultation to execution and beyond, there are business owners and independent contractors that can benefit from each level of service. Maybe you know someone who is simply looking to chat or brainstorm ideas regarding the direction of their business. Or perhaps you know of a business that’s ready to pull the trigger on Social Media advertising but hasn’t the slightest idea which platforms are most relevant to their industry or where to even begin. Each of our clients were in similar positions at one point or another, so we give them the ammunition to recommend our services or at least put us in touch with those in need. There’s nothing more valuable to us then the currency of referrals. And our clients know, by referring us, they’re truly helping themselves, as we’re able to spend more time focused on our existing relationships and less time drumming up new business.

Who do you know that could benefit from a free marketing consultation or a complimentary Social Media Audit? We take care of our clients, and they take care of us. Let us take care of you. After all, we are in the business of growing your business.

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